How To Setup Wi-Fi connection in All in One Epson Printers?

How To Setup Wi-Fi connection in All in One Epson Printers?

Epson printer enables administrator permission to manage internet connections and Setup WiFi connection in All-In-One Epson Printers. To enable connections with the network setup process while working with the Epson printer should be performed by users with appropriate steps. Here in this blog, we will take users through the whole blog where explanations are given to Setup Wi-Fi connection in All in One Epson Printers .

Steps to Set-up Wi-Fi Connection in All-In-One Epson Printers

Step 1: Select the Network and Internet Connection

Click the “START MENU” icon and then perform a selection process of the “CONTROL PANEL” icon. Now, select the “Network and internet connection’. Navigate to the “Network and sharing” section to choose this option to easily connect the of the Epson printer to Wi-Fi network as suggested by Epson Printer Support technical team. From the “Tasks” icon, select the ‘CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS” icon.

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Step 2: Local Area Connection

Right-click the “local area connection” icon and make a selection of the “properties” icon. From the User Access Control window section, click to choose the “continue” button. Select the “INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click the “PROPERTIES icon.

Step 3:  Managing the IP Address Options

Here, users need to ensure that the “obtain an IP address automatically’ and the “obtain DNS server address automatically” have been selected for easy connection process. Click the “OK” button to stop the other part of the Epson printer from performing its task. Restart the computer device and login to have proper check of the system.

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